Stargrave: Quarantine 37

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Quarantine 37
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Release Date
September 14, 2021

The first full supplement for Stargrave, which introduced new scenarios, backgrounds and powers, as well as new soldiers and technology.


There are twelve new scenarios, and these are split into two mini-campaigns of four scenarios each, and a solo mini-campaign with four scenarios designed specifically for solo play. The first two mini-campaigns share a setting, but each focus on a different threat.

The crews that take part have opted to explore the long-abandoned Imperial Research Station 37. Before the Last War it was home to nearly ten-thousand scientists and researchers, but shortly before the war broke out all contact was lost with the station. Only one message was broadcast from the station on perpetual repeat: "This station is under quarantine. Do not approach."

Now forgotten, the station drifts lifelessly in its empty system, open to free crews and opportunists to explore the derelict structure. For even though there's obviously a catch, the draw of abandoned technology and other riches is irresistible to some.

The threat of the first mini-campaign is zombies, victims of the incurable Hastian's Plague. There are bestiary entries for plague zombies, bloater zombies and soldier zombies, as well as optional rules for how the plague might spread. Not constrained to the mini-campaign, there are also rules for recruiting those who survive Hastian's Plague, with soldier entries for Ravaged and the slightly improved Ravaged Trooper.

The second mini-campaign focuses on space bugs, reminiscent of the threats from the Aliens franchise, Starship Troopers, Space Hulk, Incubation and the Bughunters Amazing Engine tabletop RPG. There are a total of six bestiary entries for the bugs, including lesser threats like drones and workers, up to warriors, royal guards, and the queen.